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Monitored Security for retail, commercial and industrial business encompases many forms.

Basic Burglary may include a few perimeter doors, interior motions and glass breaks.

Enhanced may include cellular backup, internet monitoring, open close, supervised test signals,
LIVE 2 way voice and upgraded motions and monitoring equipment.

Advanced Protection may include LIVE ' Video on Alarm ' combined with many of the above features to
create a multi level layered security which includes the safety of both property and personal.

Controlling production, employee safety, remote viewing, Alarm Verification....the list goes on when
it comes to why a business should invest in Video Surveillance.
The fastest growing sector of today's security business...
Live Video from your iPhone or BlackBerry....

Creating a work environment that is comfortable, safe and professional presents a positive
atmosphere for both employees and customers.

Room to room sound, video including interactive presentation systems complete with internet
and world wide communications
Designing a 'Second Level' of lighting which includes ...
Energy Management, Emergency Exit and Fire Systems,
Display and Work Environment Systems

The introduction of a Low Voltage System is a Smart Energy Management Investment